Enclosed Spring Mount


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Specifications :


A unique range of spring mountings designed primarily for building services applications where the control of low frequency vibrations and noise emanating from mechanical plants is of paramount importance.

The benefits of a combined rubber and steel housing for the spring have helped establish the EFESI mount as an industry standard  accepted by specifier, equipment manufacturers and mechanical services installers.



Design Feature :

  • Nitrile rubber (oil resistant) lower spring housing eliminates the possibility of metallic continuity and ensures excellent acoustic performance.
  • Fully enclosed captive assembly protects the spring and controls transient motion.
  • All steel components are zinc plated.
  • Nominal 25 & 50 mm deflection color coded helical steel springs to BS1726 Class B.
  • Laterally stable Springs with 50% overload capacity.
  • Simple single screw height adjustment.
  • Ribbed Rubber pads on base.
  • Color coded Spring for easy identification.
  • Stainless Steel and Zinc Electroplated  variants available.

Typical Applications :

  • Axial and Centrifugal Fans.
  • Air Handling Units.
  • Chillers and Cooling Towers.
  • Rotary and Multi Cylinder
  • Compressors.
  • Mechanical Test Rigs.
  • Isolation of Sensitive Equipment.
  • Blowers
  • Inertia Bases
  • Diesel Gensets                                                                                                           


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