Cased Spring Mount


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Design Features :


  • Color coded springs to facilitate identification.
  • Powder coated springs.
  • Load upto 5000 kgs.*
  • Deflection upto 25mm*
  • 4 Models
  • 26 Load Ranges
  • Deflection is at rated load with 15% Tolerances.
  • All mounts have approximately 50% overload capacity.
  • Unique mount design provides horizontal stability, high loading capacity and protective spring enclosure
  • All mounts have external leveling arrangement, capable of compensating for full static deflection.
  • Inner walls of lower casing have resilient rubber snubbers which;


- Eliminates possibility of binding by providing a smooth guide path for the top casing.


- Limits lateral movement, particularly due to start-up, shut-down and horizontal wind load.


- Prevents isolator short-circuiting by avoiding metal to metal contact.


  • Neoprene inserts below springs and 6 mm thick ribbed base pad act as noise breaks for high frequencies in the audible range, which can otherwise get transmitted to building structure.
  • Mountings must be adjusted so that upper housing clears lower housing by at least 6 mm and not more then 12 mm




Typical Applications :


Application examples include : Chillers, AHU's Pumps, Centrifugal / Axial Fans, Condensing Units, Rooftop Packaged Units, Reciprocating Compressors, DG Sets, Punch Presses, Drop Hammers, Floor Pipe Supports (normally at first few pipe support points leading from isolated equipment).

Note : *Custom load and deflection are also available.


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