Seismic Snubber


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Features :


Fabricated of welded steel components incorporating thick neoprene elastomer pads molded to Bridge Bearing quality specifications, the design of these restraints allows for the removal and replacement of the neoprene elements. These restraints are designed for a minimum of 1.0g accelerated force in all directions. Series EFSS is suitable for loads from 250 kg to 11500 kg.



Installation instructions :


1. Snubbers are inactive during normal operation and clearance must be maintained.
2. To maintain clearances around isolation bushing, unit is furnished with spacer washers and a spacer bushing, these to remain in unit during installation only.
3. If snubbers are installed on equipment such as blowers or pumps with flexible connections that move and remain in a different position during operation, final positioning and adjustment of snubbers must be made with equipment in operation.
4. Use shims at brackets as required so that units are installed without applying pressure on spacer washers or bushing.
5. After units are installed , remove spacer washers and bushing as follows:
a. Remove lock nut from thru-bolt and remove thru-bolt.
b. Remove anchor bolts from one bracket. If bracket was shimmed, note shim position.
c. Remove bracket and remove spacer washers and spacer bushing.
d. Reinstall bracket and thru-bolt. Shim as before if  shims were used.
e. Lock thru-bolt in place with jam nut.


Note : All Dimensions are in mm unless otherwise specified.


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