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Vertical pipe risers can create a unique set of problems when they are installed in multi-story buildings. The introduction of fluids into the pipe can generate significant forces within the building at the riser support locations if the fluid temperature differs considerably from the ambient temperature in the building at the time of initial installation. Pipe expansion due to hot water and stream will cause the overall length of the riser to grow, and chilled water will result in contraction. These pipe movements transfer substantial force into the building structure and will result in a serious increase in stress levels within the walls of the pipe.
The use of vibration isolators as pipe riser supports can eliminate the potential for damage to the pipe and to the building. These flexible supports will allow the pipe to expand or contract without a large increase in the stress in the pipe or the building at the support locations. resilient pipe anchors can serve to fix the pipe at a given location while still providing for vibration isolation between the riser and the building. Pipe guides will prevent any possibility for horizontal pipe motion due to thermal growth in loops, offsets, or branches.


Riser Guides

Capacities from 650 lbs. and up, for vertical and horizontal load applications.

Riser Isolators

Capacities from 35 lbs. to 23,200 lbs. Available in 1”, 2” and 4” deflection

Riser Hangers

Capacities from 35 lbs. and up. 
Available in 1”, 2” and 4” deflection

Riser Anchors

Capacities from 2,500 lbs. to 20,000 lbs.


Easyflex has the ability to model project specific vertical pipe riser systems using our proprietary computer software which was designed specifically for rises analysis. This is a representative output data sheet for a typical base anchored rises. Result include information concerning the installed and operating spring deflections, force on the building at each support location, and stress levels within the pipe.
We provide this engineering analysis as a sales product service, tailored uniquely to the specific building project and the isolation product used. This enables the project design engineer to know with certainty how the riser pipe and building will interact during both installation and operating conditions. Please contact our Engineering Department for futher details.


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Vertical Riser Pipe Isolation


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