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The Specifics
The range consists of a pre-determined length of wire
with either a loop, concrete anchor or M8 eyebolt.
  • 90kg SWL (concrete anchor)
  • 100kg SWL ( loop or eye fixing)
  • Locking C-Clip
  • High tensile wire rope 1-10m
  • Red safety cap
The system consists of wire and plus clip with either a
loop, concrete anchor or M8 eyebolt termination



The Applications
Suitable for supporting:
  • Heavy duty single and multi-tier trapeze brackets
  • Modular Systems
  • Rectangular Ducting
  • Ladder Rack



The Technical Information
  • Key free release. No tools required
  • Flexible, ideal if anchor point is not straight above
  • Easy to cut
  • Speed of installation
  • Fully lockable into slotted channel
  • Zamac 5 housing incorporating oil impregnated sintered steel wedge
  • High tensile galvanised wire 1960N/mm² grade 7 x 7 construction
  • BSEN 12385 Standard



The Installation
  • Loop, screw or drill your end into or around your chosen anchor point
  • Position plus clip into channel and slide the wire through the clip
  • To adjust simply release the load from the Plus clip by pushing the clip up the wire. Then simply pull down on the release key at the same time


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