Chan Lock


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The Specifics
The range consists of a pre-determined length of wire from 1 metre to 10 metres with a choice of Safe Working Loads:
  • G 10kg SWL (on request)
  • S 20kg SWL
The system consists of wire, easyflex zip-clip and a push fit Chan-Lock hanger with either a ferruled loop, concrete anchor or M6 eyebolt termination.
The Applications
  • Single tier lightweight trapeze brackets
  • Compatible with slotted channel
The Technical Information
  • Key free release system
  • Galvanised spring metal
  • Designed for 41x41 and 41x21 channel
  • Short leg to eliminate overhang
  • Tool free installation
  • Posi-Fit push fit system
  • Can be inserted into channel with slots facing either up or down








The Installation
  • Simply push the Chan-Lock into the strut, ensuring that the short leg is at the cut end of the channel
  • Pass the wire through the easyflex zip-clip in the direction of the arrow
  • Pass through or around your required suspension and back through the easyflex zip clip leaving 15cm of wire protruding
  • Always confirm engagement of the easyflex zip-clip on the wire by pushing the pin in the opposite direction to the arrows indicated


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