Rubber Expansion Bellow Accessories





  • Split Retaining Ring

All Rubber Expansion Joints are supplied with Split Retaining Ring. The Rings are supplied to provide equal distribution of bolting stresses during fitment of the Expansion Joint in the pipeline and assure a pressure tight seal. The Rings are made of flat steel and galvanised with inner edges bevelled and are drilled to match respective drillings of the Rubber Expansion Joints.





  • Control Units

It is advisable to use Control Units with all Rubber Expansion Joints. The Control Unit assembly, consisting of two or more the control rods alongwith stretcher plate are placed across the Expansion Joints from flange to flange. This minimizes possible damage of the Expansion Joint caused by excessive motion of the bolt line, due to failure of anchor or equipment. It also absorbs static pressure thrust developed at the joint and limits the extension and compression movements, if required, to prevent damage to the main equipment without hampering its basic need. Inadequate support of pipelines, incorrect anchoring, considerable temperature variations may cause many abnormal movements. Such undesirable and destructive movements can effectively be encountered by using control units. Spherical & Conical washers may also be used with the control units to achieve greater lateral movement, if required.

  • Protective Shields/ Cover

Protective Shields/Cover should be used on the Expansion Joint that carry corrosive chemicals or high temperature. It protects the environment in the event of leakage/ splash & protects the Expansion Joint from fire during a flash fire.


  • Companion/ Counter Flanges

Companion / Counter Flanges for the pipeline for which the Expansion Joint is to be fitted is also supplied (with the Expansion Joint) if required.






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