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Bellows are a flexible piping element. The corrugation of the expansion joint is designed to be flexible in order to absorb pipe expansion and contraction due to changes in temperature. The number of corrugation of bellows is decided according to the displacement amount and the expansionary and contracting force that the bellows have to absorb. Bellows have to be strong to the design pressure and operating pressure of piping and installation and they also have to be flexible to absorb thermal movement. The thrust force of the flow in the piping has to be buttressed by things other than bellows. These are usually anchors, tie rods, hinges or gimbaled structures and our style ETR thrust restraints.



The value of the thrust force of bellows is usually calculated by multiplying the value of the effective cross section area by the value of the flow pressure of pipe

Kanwal's Easy Flex Bellows are fabricated from cylindrical tubes made of high ductility material. The cylindrical body is formed onto parallel corrugations which accommodates all basic movements without encountering wear and tear as associated with conventional mechanical devices. Bellows are designed and manufactures as per the latest additions of EJMA, ASME, GIS, BS, DIN, IS standards under the supervision of highly qualified team of engineers and technocrats.

To attain high flexibility and above average life expectancy, our Bellows are made from tested S. S. 316/321/304 stainless steel material. These bellows retain the flexibility when subject to internal pressure. Kanwal's Easy Flex Bellows have proven their outstanding performance in a wide variety of applications.




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