Metallic Expansion Bellow Accessories


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Internal sleeve - A device which shields the convolutions form direct contact with the flow of fluid. This device can also be referred to as a liner.


Cover - A device used to provide limited protection of the exterior surface of the bellows of an expansion joint from foreign to as a liner.


Tie rods - Devices, usually in the form of rods or bare, attached to the expansion joint assembly. whose primary function is to restrain the pressure thrust or pull due to internal pressure or vacuum.


Control rods - Devices, usually in the from o rods or bars, attached to the expansion joint assembly, whose function is to distribute the movement between the two bellows. These devices are not designed to restrain bellows pressure thrust.


Main anchor - An anchor which is designed to withstand the full bellows thrust due to pressure, flow spring forces, etc.


Pipe alignment guide - A guide in the form of a sleeve or framework fastened to same rigid part of the installation which permits a pipe line involving expansion joints to move freely in only one direction. These are designed primarily for use in applications involving axial movement  only, but may also be used in certain applications involving lateral deflection and angular rotation.


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