Square Cell Pad



Selection Procedure :


Compute the total load in kg. to be supported by Easyflex Pads. This includes machine weight and work load it carries and also concrete or steel base or inertia block if used.


Determine unit loading to suit type of machine and supporting ground structure 23 kg. per square inch is practical and effective loading and is recommended for most type of machines and equipment for isolation of sustained vibration.


Divide the static weight by unit load to get total area of Easyflex Pad that is required.


Arrange the total area of into adequate number of pads that are necessary to give stable support and to avoid base distortion. The area of each pad should be in proportion to the load carried by it so that the unit loading or stress on all pads will be approximately the same.


The pads should be placed in such way that uniform deflection is obtained. Uniform load distribution prevents over loading and possible premature failure of some of the mountings, prevents sagging and enables the machine to maintain the normal horizontal position and make maximum isolation possible.


Features :


  • Scientifically designed resilient material that isolates shock and all the six modes of Vibration and reduce acoustic noise.
  • They give more deflection than any other material i.e. cork, felt etc.
  • They are cheaper than metal springs and have greater sound insulation ability.
  • They are highly resistant to oil, cleaning compounds, dirt, water, strength, heat aging and fatigue.
  • These are mostly used for machine tools, production equipments, heating and ventilation equipments, pumps, generators, compressors, air handling units, fans, under heavy concrete bases, electronics or sensitive laboratory apparatus, business machines, computers and data processor etc.






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