Turret Mount




Stationary Mounting


  • If bolting is preferred : Mountings are furnished with a tapped hole in the center. This enables the equipment to be bolted securely to the mounting.
  • Mobile mounting : A restraining bolt is required for mobile and marine applications to control inertia forces. Mobile mounting have the same load deflection characteristics as the stationary mounting.
  • No bolting required : Mountings may be used without bolting under machines having no lateral or severe vertical motion.
  • If bolt hole is inaccessible : Use set screw threaded up from under. “H" must exceed maximum mounting deflection.


EFTM rubber mountings are designed to provide superior attenuation of medium to high frequency vibration and noise emanating from a wide range of motor driven machines particularly axial and centrifugal fans. High resilence rubber with low dynamic to static stiffness ratio ensures maximum efficiency, good creep performance and long service life.


Design Features


  • Moulded in first grade natural rubber with integral steel base and upper fixing boss.
  • Also available with oil & environment resistant durable Neoprene/Nitrile Rubber.
  • Manufactured in three sizes, each available in three rubber compounds identified by a colour spot.
  • Static deflections of up to 8mm with loads from 5kg to 400kg.


Typical Applications


  • Axial and Centrifugal Fans
  • Air Handling Units
  • Air Conditioning Equipments
  • Packaged Air Conditioners
  • Floating Floors
  • Generators & Mobile  Equipments
  • Pumps & Refrigeration Plants
  • Rotary and Multi Cylinder Compressors.

Note : Turret mountings should not be used on machines exhibiting high out of balance forces without restraining bolt.





Turret Mount
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