Inertia Bases


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Introduction :


Inertia Base should be used where the machine to be vibration isolated produces large unbalanced forces which would result in excessive motion if supported directly on spring or rubber based isolators. They should also be used where the machine is subject to external forces or is inherently unstable.

Easyflex Inertia Base come in several standard sizes as listed in our catalogue. However, these bases can also manufactured to any size and specifications, even for heavier and more complex vibration isolation problems, where viscous damping may also be required. For frame lengths greater than 2400 mm we would normally recommend 6 isolators or more for exceptionally large bases.

Examples of equipment requiring Inertia Base are as follows:

  • Reciprocating Compressors
  • Diesel Generating Sets
  • Engine / Dynamometer Test Rigs
  • Refrigeration Plants
  • Pumps (Particularly Belt Driven Types)

Features :

  • Fully welded steel construction with integral concrete reinforcement fixed at 40 mm above bottom of frame.
  • Recessed height reducing corner brackets designed to accept standard Easyflex type EFOS open spring mountings or EFESI Mounts.
  • Range of standard size frames available in three thicknesses 150, 200, 300 & 350 mm. Frame thickness not less than L/12 where "L" is the longest side of the frame.
  • Finished with a single coat of red oxide primer on external surface only.


Frame weights include concrete density at 2400 Kg/m3 and mounting selections are based on 4 mountings per base allowing 50% additional weight for the equipment to be supported. Nominal 25 mm deflection type EFOS (Open Spring Isolators) have been listed, however the exact deflection will vary depending on the applied load.

When ordering. bases should be specified as follows: EFIB 150 - 600 x 900 Other Size. Type and Thickness required and plan dimensions commencing with smallest length. Mountings should also be listed e.g. "EFOS25/100-BLUE”


The equipment should be located on the base such that the load is evenly distributed over the 4 mountings. Equipment and ancillary parts should not overhang frame and hold down bolts must not be at a distance less than 100 mm from the outer edge of the base.

All the connections to the equipment should incorporate flexible sections and pipework etc. must be independently supported.

Concrete Plinth if any, should be at least 200mm more than the size of base in all directions. In case of installation of snubbers it should be increased to 300mm.






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