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Quality Control


Kanwal Industrial Corporation accepts responsibility for the complete satisfaction of its customers. We exercise this responsibility through adequate training of our employees, adherence to proven procedures, and total commitment to meeting and exceeding customer requirements, and to maintaining an organizational culture that fosters continuous improvement. We are ISO 9001 2008 certified. In addition, most of the top rated inspection agencies have perform regular inspections at our factory. These include;




  Bureau Veritas



  Llyods Register



  Toyo Engineering



  Tata Consultancy Services







              EIL Limited


We have extensive in house testing facilities to perform a range of quality control tests. In addition, we have tie up’s with reputed test labs for specialized testing. In house testing facilities include;


·         Shore Hardness Test


·         Ash Content Test


·         Tensile Tester


·         Polymer Testing


·         Load Deflection Test


·         Hydro Test


·         Pneumatic Test


·         Vacuum Testing


·         Life Cycle Test


·         Vibration Measurement


The quality of a "Kanwal" product begins with written work Instructions and continues through receiving inspection, process controls and a final review of conformance to the customer's requirements. Each employee is a part of the Quality Assurance Team; contributing quality to the customers' products as they pass through every phase of the production process. Customer satisfaction, defect-free products and accurate fit of products are all priorities within KIC regardless of the complexity of the project, thus, resulting in reduced breakdown costs for our clients, both in terms of time and money.


For almost three decades, we have continued to provide our clients with high quality products at competitive prices coupled with superior customer service- Our strong focus on customer satisfaction has earned us over 500 satisfied clients. To ensure our high quality, we ensure that :


·         Qualified engineers and draftsmen use state-of-the-art equipment and international codes of practice.


·         All drawings are thoroughly checked prior to release.


·         Raw materials are purchased and inspected to rigid specifications.


·         Products are produced at the factory by skilled laborers, advanced machinery and under strict quality assurance                 controls.


We at Kanwal value long term business relationships. Accordingly, Kanwal employees, at all levels, strongly adhere to the qualities of integrity, honesty and craftsmanship.


Quality is never compromised !







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