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Acoustic Isolation Products offered by Easyflex

Easyflex Brand Wall Mount Bracket

• Adds structural integrity to long and tall gypsum board walls.
• Prevents wall buckling during a seismic event.
• Provides structural stability without sacrificing acoustic
• Placed internally to absorb positive and negative axial forces.

• Architectural Studios
• Gyms
• Theatres
• Mechanical Rooms

Easyflex Brand Wall Isolation Clip

• Creates high STC (Sound Transmission Classification) for your wall and ceiling assembly (drywalls).
• Used for vibration control of structure-borne noise as well as impact noise transmission.
• Simple, low installation costs.
• Effective – upto additional 25 dB performance.
• Reliable 2 part system.
• Contributes to LEED certified buildings as they are made from recycled components.
• Designed for use with wood, steel or concrete application.

• Music Studios
• Home Theatres
• Hotel Rooms

Easyflex Brand Acoustical Furring Clip

• Offers significantly higher STC values than drywall attached to resilient channel.
• Low cost for high performance.
• Uses natural rubber for effective sound isolation.
• Flexible snap-on clips for easy installation on drywalls.

• Recording Studios
• Theatres
• Commercial Building
• Auditoriums
• Hotel Rooms

Easyflex Brand Neoprene Jack Up Mount for Floating Floor

• Creates a floating floor with air gap to effectively isolate noise and vibration.
• Various load capacities available.
• Helps to create 1” to 4” air gap for effective isolation.
• Easy and fool-proof installation.

• Music Studios
• Gyms
• Theatres
• Swimming Pools
• Architectural Buildings

Easyflex Brand Spring & Rubber Combination Hanger

• Provide high efficiency isolation from structure-borne noise and vibration.
• Used to isolate ceiling suspended sources of noise and vibration.
• Wide range of load capacities available.
• Fast and easy installation.

• Fans
• AHU’s
• FCU’s
• Ductwork
• Piping

Easyflex Brand Closed Spring Viscous Damper

• Effectively isolates noise and vibration from large reciprocating machinery.
• Viscous Damping fluid helps in bringing down unacceptable system resonances.
• Available in varying load capacities.

• Fans
• Blowers
• Pumps
• Centrifuges
• Generators

Vibration Troubleshooting & Retrofitting Engineering Services offered by Easyflex

Our superior engineering know-how allows us to successfully troubleshoot, upgrade and retrofit systems to get you up and running quickly – and to keep you up and running over time.
Machine requirements or dynamic behaviour can change over time. Often, faulty installations, piping misalignments, foundation errors may cause operational problems for clients, sometimes resulting in substantial revenue loss especially in rented buildings. We have the field experience, design skills, and manufacturing facilities to provide you with innovative, cost-efficient solutions to your bearing issues. Our experienced engineers are armed with a full set of complex diagnostic tools, to perform complete engineering evaluations, to help you trouble-shoot operational problems.

Some Prestigious Projects where Easyflex has supplied Acoustic Isolation Products

  1. Madras Talkies Audio Studio (Chennai)
  2. Audio Matrix Studio (Kerala)
  3. Mahatta Mall (New Delhi)
  4. Auric Hall (Pune)
  5. Fujeirah Business Centre (UAE)
  6. Punjab Mill (Punjab)
  7. Infosys Limited SEZ (Pune)
  8. Aurangabad Industrial Township (Aurangabad)

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