PE Pipe Support

PE Pipe Support

Easyflex PE pipe support is key for a reliable, worry-free and load bearing insulation and support system, especially for refrigeration and chilled water pipes. Insulating the entire pipework system, including the pipe hangers and floor mounted pipes, ensures effective de-coupling from supporting and structural elements as well as other service installations. This also helps prevent acoustic bridging, often responsible for the majority of pipework noise within the building. It contains no CFC and has advantages to replace wooden pipe support and needs no preservation before use so that it is up to requests of green and environmental protection standards by local or state bodies. Compressive strength test shows PE pipe support is strong enough to hang and support pipes with all weight of pipe itself, water inside and insulation outside.

Design Features

  • Its low conductivity ensures high effect of thermal insulation
  • It has excellent fire proof property comparing with wooden pipe support
  • It is unnecessary to preserve it before use therefore the installation cost is low
  • Its safety working temperature goes from -50°C~ +100°C
  • Due to closed cell structure, it has good water proof property

Expert Advice for Your Application

No two Applications are the same. We will be happy to go over your application in detail and discuss the possibility of using this product for your application. Would you like some personal advice or do you have any questions? We look forward to supporting you.

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