Tied Pump Connectors

Tied Pump Connectors

Easyflex Tied Pump Connectors are designed to compensate for multi-plane axial, lateral and angular movement in non-torsional applications. They are intended for use in both suction and pressure lines to absorb mechanical vibrations caused by pumps, compressors and other pipeline equipment. Easyflex Tied Pump Connectors aid in compensating for minor piping misalignment and helping to minimize the stress on your system. Heavy-duty restraining rods and spacers assure protection against bellows distortion in the event anchors are not properly secured and absorb mechanical vibration without hampering axial, lateral or angular movement of the pump connector.

Unlike rubber and elastomeric connectors, Easyflex Tied Pump Connectors are not subject to premature deterioration resulting from elevated temperature conditions or UV exposure. Thus, they offer a longer cycle life in a wide variety of temperature applications ranging from sub-zero to super-heated steam. In the latter case, it may be necessary to include the optional internal liner to prevent excessive flow velocity from damaging the assembly.

Custom-built assemblies are available to meet conditions beyond these specifications. Lengths other than standard are available upon request.

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