Beam Clamps

Beam Clamps

Ductile iron C-clamp designed for providing attachment of threaded rod to steel beams or purlin, without the need for drilling or welding. Easyflex EFBC is suitable for installation at both upper and lower flanges of beams

Design Features

  • Suitable for use with I-beams, channels, engles or steel roof purlins with up to 22 mm flange thickness.
  • Suitable for threaded rod sizes from 10 mm to 24 mm.
  • Convenient means of suspending pipelines, ducting, false ceilings or equipment form structural members, without the need for drilling or welding.
  • Permit vertical level adjustment post installation.
  • EFBC clamps are denoted as ‘universal’ on account of their versatile design, which provides a single product solution for various application situations.
    • They can be attached to either the upper or lower horizontal flanges of screw.
    • The threaded suspension rod may either be fixed offset from the edge of the flange or directly under an inline with the set screw.
  • The deep throat design of EFBC clamps help ensure an effective grip on the beam flange.
  • Supplied complete with hardened set screw, lock-nut.

Material: Ductile iron

Finish: Electro galvanized post manufacture.

Compliance - US Standards MSS-SP58 (type 19 & 23), MSS-SP69; EG to ASTM B633 SC3, BS 1706 FE/ZN12

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