PN10 / PN16 Metallic Expansion Joints

PN10 / PN16 Metallic Expansion Joints

Our high temperature axial expansion bellow is Flanged PN10 / PN16 and is suitable for high temperature applications up to 427°C with plated steel flanges and a stainless steel bellow and can be supplied with an inner sleeve if required. Axial expansion joints are designed to accept movements of extension and compression in the longitudinal direction. When the expansion joint compresses or extends, it causes the whole length to either increase or decrease. They do not change the direction of the flow and dividing the pipeline helps to prevent stress of lateral forces.

Key Features:

  • Flanged PN10 / PN16
  • PN10 / PN16 Rated
  • -80°C to 427°C
  • Plated Carbon Steel Flanges
  • Stainless Steel Bellow
  • Fixed Flanges or Rotating Flanges
  • Applications: water supply and distribution networks, heating and air conditioning, mineral oils, hydrocarbons, fuel oil

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