MEP Consultant

MEP design engineers face an increasing demand to deliver cost-effective solutions while staying up-to-date with evolving global standards and codes. Our partnership begins in the tender stage, where we collaborate to craft efficient and budget-conscious solutions for Noise, Vibration, Wire Suspension Systems, Pipe Support & Clamps.

In the MEP (M&E) industry, the seamless transition from an MEP consultant's design to well-coordinated, constructible drawings and models is pivotal to project success. Unlike architectural and structural engineering, MEP projects involve a more intricate team structure. This team includes an MEP consultant, MEP contractor, specialized subcontractors (covering mechanical, electrical, plumbing, and fire safety disciplines), fabricators, and installation and maintenance experts.

While the contractor often manages fabrication and installation, larger projects may involve distinct parties for each task. These key players rely on each other from the conceptualization of building services to the detailed fabrication and on-site installation. Our Easyflex services are adaptable to projects of all sizes. Whether you need submittal calculations for a hospital's complex MEP systems or industry-compliant tender specifications and effective vibration isolation solutions, our experienced professionals have you covered.

Our consulting services encompass:

  • Vibration Analysis and Design: Expert analysis and design to control vibrations.
  • Vibration Testing: Comprehensive testing to ensure performance.
  • Developing Industry-Compliant Specifications: Crafting specifications for vibration control, pipe fixing, and wire suspension in line with industry standards.
  • Diagnostics, Retrofitting, and Problem Resolution: Identifying issues, retrofitting solutions, and resolving problems effectively.
  • Structure-Borne Vibration Analysis: In-depth analysis of structure-borne vibrations.
  • Vibration Control and Isolator Design for OEM Applications: Tailored solutions for Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs).
  • Seismic Design Engineering: Designing for seismic safety and providing product support for nonstructural building components.

We are here to support MEP consultants in meeting project goals and standards, ensuring efficient and compliant solutions across the board.