Rubber Sleeves

Rubber Sleeves

Easyflex Rubber sleeves keep materials—grains, powders, liquids—separate and contained. A flexible rubber sleeve is usually a transitional piece used on equipment that transfers materials from one place to another. Rubber doesn’t snap, like rigid materials, which means it is flexible enough to perform for a lot longer. Rubber sleeves are a high wear component, and more affordable and practical than replacing metalwork. Easyflex Flexible molded sleeves are designed and manufactured to provide long-wearing, dust-tight connections in vibrating and gyratory screening machines, conveyors, and more. They are suitable for use with solids, powders, liquids, and slurry materials. Ease of assembly and abrasion-resistant construction provide features necessary today in screening operations. These Rubber Sleeves can be manufactured in a wide range elasomters depending on the duty conditions and can also constructed with multiple arches, in custom lengths, with custom cuff I.D. and custom configurations.


  • Reinforced with Polyster Tyre Cord Fabric
  • Developed for Steel plant
  • High strength sleeves
  • Food Grade Applications
  • Flanged or Clamped End Connections
  • For HVAC Applications
  • To ensure conductivity between modules
  • Easy to install

Flexible pipe connectors shall be used on all piping connected to rotating equipment to reduce the transmission of noise and vibration, and to eliminate stresses in piping systems due to misalignment and thermal movement of the piping. Neoprene based flexible connectors shall be of the single- or double-sphere molded joint configuration and shall meet or exceed specifications of the Rubber Expansion Joint Division, Fluid Sealing Association.

Types REJSA, REJDA, REJFF, EFTSC, EFTSCU connectors shall be made of molded EPDM/NEOPRENE reinforced with nylon tire cord and shall have mild steel floating flanges or female union ends. Control rods shall be used with unanchored systems or with spring-mounted equipment where the pressures and movements exceed those the connectors are designed to withstand.

Flexible connectors shall be EASYFLEX types REJSA, REJDA, REJFF, EFTSC, EFTSCU as manufactured by Kanwal Industrial Corporation.

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