Seismic Snubber 2

Seismic Snubber

Model EFSRS-2 Seismic Snubber are designed for use in locations subject to earthquakes or other external forces which could displace resiliently supported equipment

Snubbers, when anchored to the building structure and placed around vibration-isolated equipment, are intended to limit lateral motion by containing the supported equipment

EFSRS-2 Snubber are designed to be used in pairs and will keep supported equipment contained when subject to lateral forces from any direction. EFSRS-2 Snubbers are not designed for use with high center of-gravity supported equipment or where vertical forces must be considered

Model EFSRS-2 Snubbers are heavy structural steel weldments designed to minimize equipment motion without failing. Resilient neoprene pads on the contact surface reduce shock loads by cushioning the impacts. Large diameter anchor bolt holes allow loads to be safely transferred to the building structure

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