Wrap-on Flexible Duct Connectors

Wrap-on Flexible Duct Connectors

Durable construction - Neoprene impregnated and leak proofed fabric is fire retardant, resists grease, gasoline vapours, acids, moisture, mildew, etc.

Design Features

  • Easyflex WRAP-ON Flexible Duct Connector will met every type of installation requirement in hospitals, offices, large buildings, factories, institutions etc.
  • Maximum design freedom - does not need to be excessively large than ducting
  • Connectors will effectively isolate Vibration, Noise & Rattles resulting from operation of Fans & blowers
  • Connectors will protect duct work and ancillary equipment from the effect of Vibration, Movements & Misalignment
  • Connectors can be used on both cool and warm side of air conditioning systems - highly suitable for duct carrying heavily moisture laden air
  • PRESSURE RANGE : -3000mm WC. TO +3000mm WC
  • STANDARD WIDTH : 150 MM / 200 MM
  • STANDARD LENGTH : UPTO 5 Meter Rolls

Expert Advice for Your Application

No two Applications are the same. We will be happy to go over your application in detail and discuss the possibility of using this product for your application. Would you like some personal advice or do you have any questions? We look forward to supporting you.

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