PN40 Reinforced Metallic Expansion Joints

PN40 Reinforced Metallic Expansion Joints

Expansion bellows can be designed with reinforcing or equalizing rings which are located around the outside of the convolutions, preventing bellows being forced out from high pressure. The principal purpose of these devices is to reinforce the bellows under internal high pressure, so that bellows does not squirm and equalize movement among all the convolutions. The disadvantage of these bellows is the increased stiffness and limited movement of the bellows.

The main mission of the Easyflex reinforced metal expansion joint for high pressure (High Pressure Metal Expansion Joint) is to absorb axial expansion movements both thermal and mechanical origin under high pressure conditions. The High-Pressure Metal Expansion Joint is composed of a single bellow of several waves in the form of “U”. These waves are made by one or more metal sheets longitudinally welded and shaped hydraulically or mechanically. Because of its configuration, the designer must bear in mind that this type of metal expansion joint transmit pressure stresses to the fixed points and guides of the piping system.

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