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Flexible Duct Connector

In order to isolate vibrations caused by air handling units, fans or other equipment connected to air ducts, it is highly recommended to install a flexible duct connector joint between the outlet of these devices and the airduct. It is necessary to select an airtight and flexible cloth, with good weathering qualities and one which will withstand the temperatures inside and outside the duct. Duct being generally made of steel, the main difficulty is to fasten the cloth to it in order to obtain a perfectly airtight joint. Easyflex duct connectors are perfect for this job.

Easyflex offers you a pre-assembled airtight and mechanically resistant flexible duct connector. It consists of astrip of treated cloth, attached on both sides to strips of galvanised steel, using a strong mechanical joint and providing airtightness. In order to meet the requirements of each kind of installation Easyflex has especially developed a wide range of pre-assembled, ready to use duct connectors which offer a quick, easy, economical and efficient method of assembly.

Easyflex flexible duct connector is available in various steel thicknesses, cloth qualities, cloth widths, steel widths and types of seam. Air handling unit manufacturers will, by using narrower widths, be able to produce more compact air handling units, with savings of weight, volume and cost.

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