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Gimbal Bellow

Easyflex has successfully completed the design, manufacturing and testing of an SS Reinforced Universal Bellow. The unique expansion bellow had carbon steel end flanges, MS lugs and tie rods.

A custom-made Testing jig was created for carrying out Pressure-Deflection testing of this bellow. The bellow of size 450 NB was successfully tested for 300mm deflection at 16 bar pressure in all 3 directions – compression, elongation and lateral movement.

The construction of the expansion bellow included Gimbal rings, hinge brackets, hinge plates, lugs, tie rods and reinforcing rings.

The main design and construction details of these unit are:

  • Application: Base Isolated Building
  • Type: Universal
  • Design Pressure: 16 kg/cm3
  • Design Temperature: 250 °C
  • Bellow Overall Length: 1700mm
  • Axial movement: ± 300 mm
  • Lateral movement: ± 300 mm
  • Bellows: SS 304


The metallic bellows have been manufactured from high quality stainless steel which is suitable for high temperature up to 250°C application.