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SS Spring Hanger


Model EFSSH (SS Spring Hanger) has been specially developed for Tunnel Ventilation Fans for High Temperature Applications, Corrosive Environment and Marine Applications. These hangers are suitable upto 400 deg C for 2 Hours.

Standard Assembly consists of SS 316 Stainless Steel Housing and accessories with an enclosed Hot dipped galvanized Steel Spring. SS 316 Springs also available and you can contact our Engineering Department if

These Springs are designed for high efficiency vibration isolation from structure borne noise and the Springs have 50% overload capacity.


EFSSH Hangers (SS Spring Hanger) are used to isolate suspended sources of both noise and vibration. Suspended mechanical equipment such as Handling units, FCU’s cabinet fans, Piping and Ductwork in close proximity to rotating mechanical equipment are typical applications of model EFSSH hangers.

Compliance – Springs designed according to BS 1726 (Part 1) and recommendations made by SAE (US) and ASHRAE