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Vibration Retrofitting at Mahatta Mall

Location: Mahatta Mall, New Delhi

Objective: To eliminate the Noise & Vibration being transmitted into the structure of Mahatta Mall, New Delhi.

The existence of damaged Rubber Bellows at the pump suction & discharge and Anti-Vibration Pads/Mounts below the piping located at the rooftop of Mahatta Mall had led to the severe transmission of noise & vibrations to the upper floors of the mall. As is clearly visible in the pictures, the rubber had started falling off and the bellows and pads were rendered useless. This had become a big cause for disturbance for the occupants of the mall. Therefore, the objective of this project was to eliminate the Noise & Vibrations being transmitted into the structure of the Mall. As a result, we at Easyflex came up with an innovative solution to ensure that the noise and vibrations were isolated and the ineffective rubber bellows and pads were replaced.

Vibration Retrofitting

The basic principle behind the proposed solution was to damp the noise and isolate vibrations using a Spring & Viscous Damper. This particular product was selected because it solves the dual purpose of noise as well as vibration isolation. There is a viscous silicone fluid in the middle casing that damps any noise from the equipment leading to no transmission of sound to the floors below. This is in conjunction with springs on either side that solve the purpose of vibration isolation by deflection. Therefore, noise and vibrations from the piping were isolated using this product, as can be seen in the pictures.

In addition, the Rubber Bellows were replaced by Metallic Bellows at the Pump Suction & Discharge as they are less prone to damage and wear & tear over time as compared to their rubber counterparts.