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What are Rubber Support Inserts?

Construction Features

Very high Load Bearing Capacity.

Dimensionally Accurate as each piece is moulded.

Tongue and Groove Design for small sizes.

Unique DOVETAIL lock for higher sizes.

Excellent Resistance to Deteriotation / Distortion.

Available with steel reinforcements for higher sizes.

Rubber supports inserts are specially designed  to prevent low-density pipe insulation from getting crushed at hanger locations. Proper pipe insulation supports and shields are critical for maintaining thermal performance and system integrity where the pipe insulation passes through a clevis hanger, roller, anchor, guide or strut system. These  supports prevent the direct transfer of moisture or heat from the shield to the actual pipe.

Rubber Support Inserts – Advantages

Eco Friendly Product

Outstanding thermal values

Excellent compressive strength

Clean appearance, matching the adjoining pipe insulation

Long-lasting performance

Low perm-rated, vapor-retardant properties

Strong water-retardant properties

Stability inside the clevis hanger, with low friction properties

Resistance to mold or mildew

Noise reduction properties during piping operation

Different Types of Installation