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Earthquake Protection of Non-Structural Elements in Buildings

Earthquake Protection: The year 2020 has seen more than 130 Earthquakes in India so far, and the number is set to rise in the foreseeable future. This has made the the application of Seismic Restraints and Bracings for all kinds of MEP Equipments of utmost importance.

The graphics below show the massive number of earthquakes that have hit Delhi NCR and the Asian sub-continent in the past 1 year.

Source : https://earthquaketrack.com/

Countries that have deployed advanced seismic safety initiatives have managed to minimise losses due to building collapses, and have made significant progress in protecting the services & utilities, contents and appendages of buildings, together classified as Non-Structural Elements. But, the situation is not that encouraging in many other countries, like India, where earthquake protection of buildings is still in the nascent stage, not to mention earthquake protection of NSEs.

Through this blog series, we at Kanwal Industrial Corporation, aim to spread awareness about the importance of Seismic Protection of NSE’s along with the strategies and practises that need to be employed in order to achieve this goal.

Structural and Non-Structural Building Components

Image source: https://www.iitk.ac.in/nicee/IITK-GSDMA/NSE_002_31May2013.pdf

We will be highlighting and talking in detail about the following topics that are integral to the subject :

  • Introduction/Classification of Non-Structural Elements
  • Performance of Non-Structural Elements in previous Earthquakes
  • Types of Forces exerted on NSE’s during Earthquake
  • Factors determining the Design of a Seismic Isolation System
  • International Code Provisions for Seismic Protection of NSE’s
  • Technologies for Seismically Bracing MEP Equipment – Part 1
  • Technologies for Seismically Bracing MEP Equipment – Part 2
  • Seismic Isolation Products & Services offered by Easyflex
  • Seismic Zones Classification of India
  • Seismic Retrofitting of Existing Concrete Structures
  • Role of Consultants, Contractors & Manufactures and how Easyflex can
  • help them

Stay tuned as we will help you understand the specifics and concepts that dictate Earthquake Protection of Non-Structural Elements in Buildings!