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Easyflex Wall Mount Bracket

The anti-vibration wall mount brackets EFWB are used in order to add structural integrity of long and tall gypsum board walls, which are mounted on anti-vibration pads or based on floating floor. They avoid any direct connection between the double walls, and increase their stiffness. They prevent wall backward motion during earthquakes. It is used where a secondary wall is installed for improved sound insulation.

EFWB consists of a metal frame, suitable reinforced and modulated. Two special anti-vibration elastic support. EFWB is placed internally to absorb positive and negative axial forces. EFWB are not to be used for vertical support.

The Easyflex Wall Mount Bracket comes with a Safe working load of 25kg and 50kg.

These wall mount brackets use neoprene or natural rubber as the isolation media.

An example of an Easyflex Wall Mount Bracket installation can be seen below :

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