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Small Height Spring Isolators

“Effective vibration isolation for applications with space constraints…”

Easyflex is proud to launch a new Vibration isolation product for AHU applications with space constraints – Small Height Spring Isolator.

The special spring isolators have a height of less than 50mm and have been developed for applications where height is an issue. The isolators, finished in white colour, have a maximum deflection of 15 mm and are suitable for loads ranging between 50 kg – 90 kg

  • Features and Benefits:
  • Available for loads between 50kg and 90kg
  • Height less than 50mm
  • Economical
  • Offer improved reliability in environments where harsh vibration and shock occur
  • Space savingisolator
  • Powder Coated Springs & Body
  • Oil resistant
  • Effective vibration isolation and shock protection for light load applications