ALP Adjustable Lifting Point

ALP Adjustable Lifting Point

The Type A girder clamp is used to achieve a fast steelwork fixing connection between two steel beams and is often used in a pair with Type B clamps. It has a recessed top to hold the bolt head captive while the nut and washer are tightened down using only one tool. The skirt on the underside of the clamp abuts the edge of the beam flange and prevents the clamp rotating during installation. Type A girder clamps can also be used on their own if one piece of the steelwork has been pre-drilled.

Features & Benefits

  • Recessed top holds the bolt captive while the nut is tightened
  • Ideal for parallel flanges
  • Supports up to 78.8kN tensile in a four-bolt configuration
  • Independently approved for dynamic load applications to EN 1993-1-9. Contact us for more details

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