LP Lifting Point

LP Lifting Point

The Type LP is a customised lifting point, designed to specific application requirements where heavy static loads are present. Utilising high strength Type AF or AAF girder clamps the Type LP can support up to a maximum of 200kN safe working load. The assembly consists of a location plate with Type AF or AAF girder clamps and either an Eye Bolt or Load Ring. The number of Type AF or AAF clamps supplied will depend on the design but will be designated by the number after the product code. For example, the Type LP6 has six Type AF or AAF clamps. Suitable for applications, such as vertical loads, loads at an angle and rotation of up to 360°.

Features & Benefits

  • Bespoke configurations up to 200kN SWL
  • FREE connection design service
  • Suitable for parallel and tapered flanges up to 10°
  • Quick to install using standard hand tools
  • Available with Eye Bolt or Load Ring
  • Suitable for supporting the lifting and rigging of equipment only
  • Lifting Points must be regularly inspected for signs of wear or damage, in accordance with the standards / regulations of the country of use
  • Static safe working load values are subject to the capacity of the supporting sections

Expert Advice for Your Application

No two Applications are the same. We will be happy to go over your application in detail and discuss the possibility of using this product for your application. Would you like some personal advice or do you have any questions? We look forward to supporting you.

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